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Campio Salutes Professor Heinz Rode - Burn Hero

I met Professor Rode in 2011 when the late Euton Murphy - secretary of the board - and I visited the Red Cross Children's Hospital.  I was overwhelmed with honor to be heard and acknowledge by him and be allowed to quote him. "Campio has indeed landed themselves a hiatus - what a wonderful vision".  Campio has since struggled like a baby who simply cannot stand without support - almost 7 years later it finally crawls back to life and by Gods grace has active human resources and partnership support - where the heart of an organisation grows stronger and eventually walks - sometimes we are too hasty in wanting to run when crawling and falling is part of the process of finding our feet. I salute all fellow organisations and companies who work endlessly for the betterment of humanity and with a voice of mutual solidarity says NO to the violation of humanity.  When an organisation has to close its doors it is not because it has no heart but because it has no m
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The burning of Siam Lee

An article by Timeslive dated 15 January 2018 speaks to my essay on burns in human trafficking and puts a pattern of burns as a form of messaging and coercion in prostitution and trafficking. These are messages - not mere disposals of bodies.  Traffickers/pimps  are messaging you - showing you what will happen to you if you oppose them. I also cited brothels as the gateway for trafficking - and this recent incident once again brings it to light. Greedy pimps traffick. It's the doorway because girls will often find being paid for sex a more favourable option to poverty that the thought of being forced into it without pay - raped and beaten. It's not a better option because you're an easier target when they already have you. Young people - stay away from drugs. It always has sex attached to it. Dealers will use you as a slave to pay your debts. prostitution is not the answer - your pimp will eventually sell your services without pay. and if Im right about the pat


BURNS IN HUMAN TRAFFICKING This CAMPIO Burns essay looks at burns related punishment and torture in human trafficking and it's relation to drugs. We've cited the burning and death of 44 year old Mishkaar Fakier from Hout Bay as an example of a pattern that exists across the world. “Are South African traffickers/PIMPS studying Asian models of victimization". Burning in abuse or in crimes of passion is not new to South Africa - but it's becoming a highlight in trafficking here - Asia and America have a long history in burns used as a means or torture and coercion. SOUTH AFRICA The burning and death of 44 year old Mishkaar Fakier set communities ablaze.  There is not a single human being who deserves abuse at any level let alone through burns. The Campio Burns Group extends our heartfelt condolences to the families involved in the tragedy. Burns injuries are one of the most devastating traumas a person can sustain - physically, psychologically and emotio

Women in modern day slave trade

THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN MODERN DAY SLAVE TRADE - Human trafficking is not only across provinces and borders but in our homes; under our noses. On our farms; in our restaurants, supermarkets, harbours and fishing trade. Through families and family friends - brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, husbands - a teens best friend; boyfriend. Slave trade is the 3rd highest crime in the world - with counterfeiting at 2nd and illegal trade and manufacture of drugs as king. The 2 highest forms of trafficking are sexual exploitation (79%) and forced labour (18%). I find it questionable that in researching global activity reports on statistics and political intervention that even though a spotlight has been turned on South Africa and the increase of trafficking and not sufficient prosecution - South African NGO'S or campaigns seldom get involved in or cover international slave trade;  yet it is our African neighbours who are brought into our country for sexual slavery and forced labour (

CAMPIO interview

Letter to my beautiful fellow sojourners. We are all pilgrims moving through timelessness towards a destination that is unknown, yet known. Many will limp there, crawl, run and others bravely and uprightly stride there. Some will bear evidence of a bloody battle; a journey of great grief and loss. No matter the scenario or circumstances, we are anticipating the victory in moving beyond that finish line. Do not let periods and timeframes of unbearable sorrow undermine our agelessness and timeless beauty and the marvel of our calling and purpose in this time and place. To see beyond this life and fragile existence. To weep with those who weep; mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who celebrate. Therefore, in all things and in every waltz, be it broken or bright, let us praise our God who is "from everlasting to everlasting" - If we then keep our eyes fixed ahead and keep moving we will find the essence of our immortality and true being. As we

CAMPIO - the name and values

I've been asked about our name - The Campio Burns Group". In short CAMPIO is the latin word for Champion. Our vision is to raise and develop champions - to find and fight for burn survivors, to raise awareness of their plight and expose them to creative wellness therapy and integrate them into mainstream society. But For this process to have any chance of working we must slowly introduce recovered survivors to communities through creative platforms or campaigns and informat ion sharing workshops. Then to bring mainstream into the world of burns awareness and thereby also making them beneficiaries of our arts and wellness programs. Our projects and programs must at all times include mainstream so that survivors feel "safe" to enter an already educated hub. The world a survivor or advocate enters is considered a battle field and our fight is to destroy the stigma attached to burns and have survivors rise as gifted contributors to society. I trust this

Human Trafficking Campaign - . Stop the abuse of our children and women On Tuesday 5 December women, men and children gathered inside and outside the Central Methodist church in Cape town campaigning against human trafficking and the abuse and killing of humanity - violence against women and children. This initiative, run by The campio Burns Group was the supporting launch of the UNITE against human trafficking campaign by our partners, ANEX - while the athletes run to raise awareness we sang, dance d, commemorated victims and performed prolific and at times shocking verse and narrative. Every km and every performance is and was for those who suffer each day. Arts therapy at work - Present were Sisters Incorporated; Safeline; Beautiful Gate SA; SARMA(Teba Shumba and poets); Western Cape Government officials - Red Cross Hospital volunteers - Campaign sponsors present were OMNI (Megan Hultzer) and Forward Fund(Linda Wilson); Jim-Mar